Ramon’s Tailor

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While, At Last


Closing: First Thursday, Apr. 4; 6-10pm
For private appointment email hello@ramonstailor.com.
At Ramon’s Tailor

The artists behind Colpa, Luca Antonucci and Carissa Potter, have created a site-specific installation for the Ramon’s Tailor space. Colpa uses architectural elements, paintings, sculpture and printed matter to challenge the present definition of history — artifact and reproduction are confused.

We were first introduced to Colpa’s work at their curated newsstand Edicola (987 1/2 Market St at 6th St) which showcases artist-made books, journals and objects. On the afternoon we visited, Carissa enthusiastically shared the stories behind the pieces on display. We left feeling very intrigued by these artists and even more inspired by how this tiny space is bursting brightness onto a gray stretch of Market Street.

Colpa specializes in hand-made art books, collectible cards, and prints. These publications intend to challenge the relationship between concept and printed word and image. At any given meeting, Luca and Carissa may introduce themselves as a artist, printmaker, publisher, bookmaker, retailer, editor, author, designer, curator, paperboy, advocate, blogger, lawyer…they are the very definition of contemporary multi-disciplinary working artists.