Ramon’s Tailor

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Opening Reception: Thursday, October 3, 6:00 to 10:00pm
Additional Hours: To be Announced
Private viewings are welcome. Email us for an appointment.
At Ramon’s Tailor

Sam Mell’s large-scale drawings reveal his intense fascination with the act of ‘doodling.’ His works create expansive matrixes of repeated, interlocking forms, which appear as tight, rigorous and highly specific patterns, such as fabrics. Inevitable flaws of the eye and hand constantly produce minute imperfections and idiosyncrasies which create a continuous play between order and fluidity, dynamism and control.

This site-specific installation of Mell’s work includes a performative drawing, which has developed over the course of the exhibition. Stop by and see how this pattern has spread and grown across the wall.

See photos of his previous work.