Ramon’s Tailor

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babel: W.C. No. 9


Open Hours: Saturdays & Sundays noon – 4:00pm
Closing Party: Friday, February 13, 6:30-9:00pm
At Ramon’s Tailor

Babel is a sound and atmospheric installation about Kant’s Categorical Imperative by one of our favorite artists, Elisabeth Ajtay. Voices were recorded in 16 languages (English, French, Chinese, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, Farsi, Greek, Danish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, German, Japanese, Turkish, Urdu and Hebrew) to create a meditative, rhythmic repetition and a cacophony of languages that are ultimately lost in translation.

Kant devised the Categorical Imperative as a formal procedure by which to evaluate any action, what all human beings should strive for. It was intended as a more relevant and less subjective way for humans to evaluate moral actions and to make moral judgments.

Elisabeth has reconfigured and updated this piece to fit perfectly in the Ramon’s Tailor W.C. space. Come see and hear it for yourself! September – November, 2014.

About the Artist:
Elisabeth Ajtay’s practice is a reflection on her translation from life in the east of Europe to the west of America. Elisabeth has an MFA from SF Art Institute. She documents the places she visits as a way of keeping a diary/sketchbook about the world which informs her abstract, conceptual works. Her more recent projects deal with topics such as mobility, inner/outer communication, and especially the exhaustion of the individual in light of new technologies.