Ramon’s Tailor

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Gravity, a Fact Everybody Knows About


Closing Party & First Thursday Art Walk: April 2, 6:00-10:00pm
Hours: Saturdays: noon – 4:00pm; weekdays by appointment
At Ramon’s Tailor

Artist Cara Levine’s work spans multiple media and philosophical intersections but ultimately, comes down to a single struggle: The struggle to keep the loop open between what we know and what we search to know, between fantasy and reality, the ground and what lays beyond.

For her show at Ramon’s Tailor, Cara has created a three-channel video installation from footage she captured during her fall 2014 residency at Kala Art Institute. For Cara, the windy and circumscribed nature of our interior walls referenced the similarly rare and delineated space in the photo shooting room at Kala. By superimposing this investigation of where the physical and metaphysical meet, contrast and overlap, onto the paneled walls at Ramon’s Tailor, Levine is in effect, merging the two kindred spirit spaces through this intervention.

Cara Levine explores the intersections of the physical, metaphysical, traumatic and illusionary. A personal history with chronic injury informs her perception of spatial experience and investment in the prosthetic; a long-standing practice of yoga and meditation underlies her understanding of the mind as a portal; and an upbringing in Los Angeles feeds her interests in special effects. She uses these elements to create and distill illusions to their most essential parts, and the presence of absence pervades nearly all of her work—whether it be the absence of the body and its effect on an object or space, or the permeating aura of an action, potential or complete.

About the Artist:
Cara Levine lives and works in Oakland, California. Levine currently teaches ceramics at Creative Growth Art Center and is completing a Teaching Fellowship at California College of the Arts (CCA). She received her MFA in sculpture from CCA in 2012. She grew up in Los Angeles, but over the last 12 years Cara has lived in Segovia, Spain; Ann Arbor, MI; Kyoto, JPN; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago IL; and Bangalore, IN. She has shown her work nationally, including at the Wattis Center for Contemporary Art in San Francisco, The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, and The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv. She has been a recent artist in residence at Anderson Ranch Art Center, Vermont Studio Center and Signal Fire Arts. Cara is also a long-time yoga practitioner and 500 RYT certified instructor. She lives with her dog and constant collaborator, Pigeon. More at: www.caralevine.com.