Ramon’s Tailor

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Meet September’s Artist

© Radka Pulliam


We were so excited to help our newest artist in residence move in today. Her name is Radka Pulliam and she’ll be working at Ramon’s Tailor during the month of September. Expect to see delightful things happening through our window and mark your calendar for a closing reception on Saturday, October 1.

We were first introduced to Radka’s work at the MFA show at CCA (California College of the Arts) in May. Her graduate show comprised a series of about 50 framed abstract mappings, stitched onto vellum. They were beautifully composed and yet evoked a certain textural rawness. When we read the descriptions we found out that these were mappings of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Radka had spent months walking the neighborhood and documenting everything from mailboxes to strong smells. Turns out that Radka, who was born in the Czech Republic, also lives in the neighborhood. We finally met her a few months later and knew she’d be a perfect artist for Ramon’s Tailor.

Radka Pulliam imbues drawings, environments, photos and embroidery with social stratifications. Her practice occurs in the space between art and everyday life, and between the private and the public.