Ramon’s Tailor

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Artist: Rebecca Reilly


Ramon’s Tailor is an art storefront dedicated to promoting visual art through salons, installations, artist-in-residence programs, and workshops. We provide artists with a public venue to experiment and showcase their work without commercial restrictions. We feature nontraditional, multi-disciplinary work by up-and-coming artists.

Ramon’s Tailor was founded in 2011 by an architect and a graphic designer who desired a place to showcase work they adored. The name is an homage to the former occupant who served the community for 40 years. Like the tailor craft, our space and programs are continually customized to create memorable experiences and provoke discussion.

At Ramon’s Tailor we encourage the community to gather and see, critique and create, and learn and explore. Our uniquely intimate subterranean studio is always open to interaction through a large vitrine window— stop by and see what we are up to. Come interact with our artists, experience their process, and hear them talk about what they’re creating at one of our upcoming events.

Showing your work
If you think we might be interested in your work, by all means send us an email at hello@ramonstailor.com