Ramon’s Tailor

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The Clothes Off Her Back


Years ago, when the lights went off for the last time at Ramon’s Tailor, it was not because Ramon had retired his business of 40 years. It was because his last customer of the evening, Mrs. Robinson, had finally taken matters into her own hands.

Like many of Ramon’s clients who descended Nob Hill or traveled from all parts of the city to see the tall dark Mexican man on Post Street, Mrs. Robinson once said she’d travel through time for one more “fitting” with Ramon. No one expected her to do it. Nor did Ramon expect to find his favorite customer nude in his tiny bed on his final night in San Francisco before he moved back to Mexico.

His services were always in high demand.

Several years later, Mrs. Robinson occurs to have kept her promise. In a bold move, when members of the Mrs. Robinson Society learned that Ramon’s old shop was being restored as a gallery space for artists and writers, they followed their leader’s move and jumped on it.

The Mrs. Robinson Society is hosting the first event at Ramon’s Tailor on August 5, 2011. A selection of clothes Ramon tailored for his varied Mrs. Robinsons over the years will be on display. The evening before, on August 4th (also the birthday of the new proprietor Mr. Frank Merritt), a few ladies will hold a séance to summon the spirits of the Mrs. Robinson’s that have come before them. With more than 200 members strong, their mission is to Enchant, Amuse, Inspire, Engage and Provoke.

Ramon was an honorary member of the group and achieved “Sage Benjamin” status, which is reserved for men of a certain age, swagger, and confidence — who are considered a fair match for Mrs. Robinson’s wit and humor. At the opening event Friday night, the Mrs. Robinsons will be channeling Ramon’s craft and hope to measure up to his spirit which, according to Mrs. Robinson, was “impressive, expansive, huge and girthy”.