Ramon’s Tailor

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Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct. 4; 6-10pm
Also open Saturdays 12:00-4:00pm, Sept. 20 — Oct. 26
or by appointment by emailing hello@ramonstailor.com.
At Ramon’s Tailor

Bob Stang’s latest show WoodShed is about holing up and taking stock from the vantage point of mediums other than painting. For jazz musicians to woodshed means to shut oneself up, away from the world, and practice long and hard — it’s an apt descriptor for this show where Stang, an accomplished painter, is experimenting with how his work translates into sculpture. His art uses a repository of culturally shared images: things that have become the visual shorthand of the original source, yet resonate beyond their commonplace origin. Come meander through this installation where imagery of the American West: settlers’ cabins, fences, stumps and all of the trappings of a provisional life will catapult you to another time.