Ramon’s Tailor

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The Rhinoceros Project


Dates: November 19, 2016 – January 15, 2017
Open Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, noon-4:00pm
Closing Brunch: Sunday, January 15, 10:00am-2:00pm
At Ramon’s Tailor

The Rhinoceros Project, a collaborative project of artists Anne Beck and Michelle Wilson, will be in residence at Ramon’s Tailor. The artists invite you to participate in their ongoing sewing circles to re-create Albrecht Durer’s woodblock The Rhinoceros, stitch by stitch, as a gigantic watermark.

Sewing circles, will take place during open hours, and will feature rhinoceros-related movie screenings and group discussions on extinction, poaching, ecological value and how a community can affect change. Viewers can also participate in print and paper days, and peruse the Rhinoceros Reading Room.

Why a Rhinoceros?

In 2011, the Western Black Rhinoceros was declared extinct, and as of 2016, the Northern White Rhinoceros is down to only three remaining animals. When Albrecht Durer made his woodblock, he based it on a descriptive account, never having seen a rhinoceros himself. The embroidery created during this residency, and at other sites, will culminate as a watermark for a mammoth sheet of handmade paper. This watermark will be a metaphor for this species’ disappearance, and evocative of the artwork’s history as printed matter—a work of paper where the print itself has vanished, leaving only a ghostly image behind.